The Scarborough Travel Program is an invite to participate program. This means players will be cut and the program will only be accepting players that are committed to the program during the winter season. In order for us to develop a top notch program and develop our young athletes basketball abilities we will need 100% commitment from each and every participant. Below is what we expect from every player involved:

  • Players will attend every practice and game scheduled. We understand that sickness can happen, but other than that no time should be missed. Missed practices means players are missing important steps in the teaching process and will ultimately be hindering their development and hurting the team’s potential for success. All missed time, or tardiness must be communicated to the coach prior to the practice or game missed.
  • Players will arrive to games 30 minutes prior to start time and practice 15 minutes prior to start time ready to compete. Players will communicate with coach if they will not be at the scheduled event on time or will miss completely.
  • Players will wear their provided practice jersey to every practice and provided game jerseys to every game.
  • Consequences for missed time:
  • Miss 1 practice during the week – sit out first 10 minutes of next game
  • Miss 2 practices during the week – sit out next game. Players should attend game and support team. If the player is still ill or absent from the game that they are sitting out the 1 game suspension will be served when they are better and can attend the game.
  • Failure to notify the coach before the time missed or tardiness-Additional 10 minutes of game time missed. If the player is suspended for 1 game due to multiple days missed then the 10 minutes of missed game time will be served the next scheduled game.
  • Multiple offenses for missed time will result in dismissal from the team and will be determined by the STB board.
  • Players will conduct themselves with pride and respect at all times. They will represent themselves and the community to the highest level. This is for games, practices or any team events. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding disrespecting coaches, other players (teammates or opponents), officials or property. Players will be punished accordingly for each infraction and could be dismissed from the program. Consequences for actions STB feels detrimental to the program will be determined by the players coach, and the STB board. All players will sign a code of conduct form prior to the start of the season.
  • Players will communicate with the coach concerning issues surrounding playing time. If a player is not satisfied with the playing time they are receiving they should ask to speak to the coach before or after a practice and discuss what areas they need to improve on to gain more playing time. Coaches will not discuss playing time issues with parents.
  • All players will need to take part in all fund raising activities. These activities with expectations will be outlined prior to the start of the season.

The success of the STB program relies heavily on the support of the parents of our young athletes. We need the full support of the philosophies, goals and expectations of our program and the overall basketball program from the High School down. Parents need to understand that for us to build a successful program we need 100% commitment from players and parents. Basketball is a game of multiple skill sets, each set that requires sequential teaching and multiple hours of drill and practice. In order for our players to develop into fundamentally sound, productive players they need to commit fully to the season that is offered. Other sports or activities need to take a back seat to the STB season. Below is what we expect from the parents of players involved in the program:

  • 100% support of STB, its coaches and administrators and for the Scarborough basketball program from High School down.
  • Commitment to assist in all volunteer activities. These will be outlined prior to the start of the season, but the biggest one is the Holiday Hoops Tournament that takes place the days following Christmas.
  • Parents will not talk to the coach about playing time; under no circumstances.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for parents that are not representing our teams or community properly. This means there will be no conversations with the officials, disrespecting other teams or coaches, or disrespecting property.
  • Parents will adhere to the rules set forth by the program regarding practices and games. We are allowed to use the gyms in Scarborough and with that comes a set of rules that need to be followed. We cannot allow siblings to run the hallways during practices or games. No balls should be bounced in hallways. Players and siblings must respect bathroom facilities. All players and siblings need to be supervised at all times and must stay in the areas they are assigned to be.
  • Gym times for practices are and can be late; ending at 9pm. While this is not ideal we work very hard with Community Services (they handle all gym time in Scarborough) to get the time we have and to obtain earlier times when available. STB is considered a 3rd priority for gym time behind 1-the schools and 2-Community Services. Parents cannot contact the schools, Community Services or anyone else regarding practice times for STB. We have one voice for this issue and if this is not followed we could lose the time we do get.
  • Parents will sign a Parents Code of Conduct prior to the season start. Violations to this document could result in a players dismissal from the program.